This collage of photos shows what the general design of the condos will be like, with large windows and post-and beam components. It doesn't show what the retail space and covered decks will look like between the condos (see sketch below):

The view of Red Mountain from Units #1 and #2 is like this... As we are located right at the base of Red and Granite Mountains, the views are excellent. The Slalom Creek condos will be built between the Lynx Lodge and Red Mountain, and may partially obstruct some of this view. While they will be quite a distance from our property, you should satisfy yourself that your views will still be good.

The view from the rearward facing units, #2, #4, and #6, faces Granite Mountain and the White Wolf condos. This is the ground floor view - the views from the lounge room and master bedrooms will be higher.

"Lynx Line" - one of Red Resort's double-diamond runs - can be seen from the back of the Lynx Lodge

The Lynx Lodge will be constructed on the site of the existing Red Shutter Inn, cabin, and hot tub, right in the Red Resort Village Core.


Unit 1 $479,000

Unit 2 $485,000

Unit 3 $499,000

Unit 4 $499,000

Unit 5 $510,000

Unit 6 $519,000

Retail $250,000

Residential townhomes 1722 - 2000 square feet

Retail space 1000 square feet

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